Jewish history and culture
along the Rhine

Europe's Jewish HeritageJewish history and culture along the Rhine

Jewish heritage has played an intriguing part in world history, particularly in Europe. For guests fascinated by Jewish culture, we have created a brand-new all-inclusive cruise, “Remarkable Rhine.” This in-depth itinerary features a multitude of opportunities to explore the Jewish people’s enduring legacy in The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. Step back in time to the oldest European Jewish settlements, and then travel back to the present with excursions highlighting Jewish-inspired architecture, museums and memorials.

Germany's Jewish Revival

For anyone with an interest in Jewish history and culture, few places today hold greater significance than Germany, now home to the world’s fastest-growing Jewish community.

Uniworld’s Jewish Heritage cruises celebrate the 2,000-year-old Jewish legacy in the Rhineland. Our distinctively different programme—the only Jewish Heritage itinerary on the Rhine River—showcases Jewish communities and the many positive developments that can be seen throughout Germany today.

While visits to Holocaust memorials, Jewish museums and WWII sites are an important part of this journey, our aim is to tell the whole story—the story of how the Jewish people thrived for centuries in Germany and are flourishing there once again.

We've designed our Jewish Heritage theme cruises to serve as cross-cultural “bridges of understanding.” Experience the Uniworld difference onboard the only Jewish family-owned river cruise line—there’s no finer way to discover today’s Germany.

Shore Excursions

What makes the excursions on our Jewish Heritage cruises different from all others? Here are just a few reasons why “Remarkable Rhine” is so unique:

  • Uniworld is the only river cruise line offering Jewish Heritage tours along the spectacularly scenic Upper Middle Rhine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site lined with more castles and fortresses than any other river valley on earth.
  • Our meticulously planned shore excursions feature an enticing mixture of old and new, past and present, with visits to magnificent synagogues, Jewish cemeteries and memorials, exceptional museum collections, historic ghettos and more.
  • Our commitment to building cross-cultural “bridges of understanding” is the foundation of everything we do, and you’ll remember the local people you meet as much as the places you visit.
  • All shore excursions are led by knowledgeable, sensitive and enthusiastic guides who can explain complex social and historical realities in understandable and relatable terms. Passionate and articulate, they possess a genuine love for the “Jewish way of life” and their stories and insights are completely captivating.
  • Customize your trip with our robust menu of adventures—select a Jewish Heritage tour, one of our standard or Choice Is Yours tours, or venture ashore to explore on your own.

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Remarkable Rhine

Remarkable Rhine(2018)


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Our newest itinerary on the Rhine River is a tantalizing mix of art, action and authentic encounters, showcasing The Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland at their postcard-perfect best and deeply delving into local culture and traditions to reveal the rich complexity that lies within.


2018 Jewish heritage highlights

  • Basel
  • Strasbourg
  • Speyer
  • Frankfurt
  • Cologne
  • Amsterdam