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Whole World Water

In early 2013, WHOLE WORLD Water launched a campaign to unite the hospitality and tourism industry in a joint mission to raise awareness of global water waste. By utilizing recyclable glass bottles and filtered bottled water, WHOLE WORLD Water provides an alternative to the non-biodegradable plastic bottles sold in hotels, bars and restaurants, while reducing carbon emissions that impact the environment. With almost a billion people in the world without access to clean and safe drinking water, the initiative also raises funds in an effort to provide access to clean and safe water to everyone across the globe.

The Project Status

In becoming a member of WHOLE WORLD Water, Uniworld will continue to filter its own water, reduce plastic waste and put a greater emphasis on educating travellers on the importance of the initiative and the gravity of the global water issue. Uniworld will donate $1 on behalf of each guest to the WHOLE WORLD Water Fund, a charity registered in the UK that funds water projects around the world, bringing safe sustainable water to global communities in need. Beyond providing access to safe and clean water, every WHOLE WORLD Water project will cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change.

Members of WHOLE WORLD Water will engage in their social media activity, reaching over 21 million users so far and growing, becoming thought leaders in the space on all safe water issues. But more importantly, collectively WHOLE WORLD Water, its members, founders and advisors, will create genuine conversations about an issue that people around the world care about.

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