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Italy is one of the world’s most beautiful and culturally rich destinations, and Uniworld’s luxurious, all-inclusive cruise/tours celebrate the very best of this extraordinary country. Discover key landmarks and hidden gems, authentic encounters, and incredible food and wine on an intimate journey that embraces Italy’s irresistible la dolce vita. See it all from the perspective of our enhanced and expanded 10-day “Gems of Northern Italy” itinerary from Milan to Venice, or our 15-day "Splendours of Italy" from Milan to Rome.


The Best Address in Venice

Morning sunshine glitters on the water outside your window. Outside, the call of seagulls, a man’s voice singing, the staccato drone of a vaporetto. Cheerful voices drift on the breeze. Ciao! Prego! Scuzi! Stretching yourself awake after a long and restful slumber on a bed hand-crafted by Savoir® of England—purveyor to Europe’s finest hotels—and you pause to wonder, “Where am I?” Ah yes, you’re in Italy, on the one-of-a-kind River Countess, an exquisite floating boutique hotel with the best address in the city—Venice’s luminous Grand Canal.


Awe-Inspiring Art & Architecture

You arrived here from Milan, where your adventure commenced, an in-depth exploration of some of the world’s greatest artistic and architectural treasures. You remember feeling the centuries melt away as you gazed in wonder upon Da Vinci’s revolutionary wall mural, the original The Last Supper, one of the greatest masterpieces of all time. Seeing it firsthand was a “bucket list moment” for any patron of the arts…with many more such moments yet to come.


Once-in-a-Lifetime Moments

Today in Venice, you’ll experience a private after-hours visit inside St. Mark’s Basilica, blissfully free of the massive daytime crowds. You are eager to see the interior of this splendid structure, resplendently illuminated so that its magnificent mosaics shimmer in the light. Beneath your feet are intricately patterned floors made with tiny marble and mosaic tiles; ahead, the famous altarpiece made by Byzantine artisans, gilded and decorated with precious gems. Another highlight of your stay in Venice? An exclusive “Venetian Painters at the Accademia” tour with an art historian guide.

“Our private tour of St. Mark’s Basilica….what an incredibly special experience this was for all the guests. It was simply magical.”
Aida Vincelli, A Luxury Travel Blog, 2015
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