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Luxury European River Cruises

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Dordogne River

The Dordogne River passes through the quintessential rural landscape of southwestern France, a region filled with stately castles and châteaux, vibrant market towns, verdant farmland, and thickly wooded forests.


Douro River

Portugal and Spain’s pristine Douro River Valley—the birthplace of Port wine and a UNESCO World Heritage site—has wildly dramatic scenery, steeply terraced vineyards, and dozens of charming riverside villages.


Garonne River

The beautiful Garonne River in southwestern France flows from the Pyrenees to the Atlantic, passing though the sun-drenched Bordeaux region, an area widely renowned for its delicious, world-class wines.


Main River

The peaceful Main River flows through some of Germany’s most iconic and picturesque regions, connecting to the Danube via the 106-mile-long Main-Danube Canal, a marvelous masterpiece of modern engineering.


Moselle River

The Moselle River gently winds through Germany, France, and Luxembourg, three of Europe’s most spectacularly scenic grape-producing regions, generously lined with medieval wine estates and steep hillside vineyards.


Rhine River

Steeped in legend and myth, the Rhine is one of Europe’s longest waterways, highly revered for its breathtaking natural beauty. The UNESCO-designated Rhine River Valley is home to more fairytale castles than anywhere else in the world.  Find out what sets Uniworld apart from all the rest when it comes to river cruises on the Rhine.


Rhône River

Winding through vibrant fields of lavender and sunflowers—inspiration for Van Gogh and other artists—southern France’s Rhône River Valley is as famous for its beauty as for its Beaujolais, Châtauneuf-du-Pape, and Côtes de Rhône wines.

Saône River

A quiet and gentle tributary of the Rhône, the Saône passes through some of eastern France’s loveliest countryside.


Seine River

En route from Paris—the “City of Light”—to the English Channel, the Seine meanders through France’s lush Normandy region, home to historic Rouen, Monet’s beloved gardens in Giverny, and the infamous D-Day beaches of WWII.