Nautical & Technical Department


Map out an enviable career course.

However familiar you are with life on water, Uniworld’s ships will be a pleasant surprise. As the world’s only authentic boutique cruise line, you can expect to find yourself on a vessel that is simply in a league of its own.

The opulence, functionality and aesthetic appeal of our ships are not the only reasons why we attract many applicants to our nautical and technical opportunities. Uniworld also offers an enviable work/life balance, an opportunity to progress in your career and a rare staff culture, which is genuinely welcoming, inspiring and enjoyable to be a part of.

Given the standards of our service and the expectations of our guests, we also place the bar high when it comes to hiring nautical and technical staff. Our impeccably maintained ships, high safety standard requirements and discerning guests, call for us to attract applicants who are respectful, sincere and who take pride in going to extra mile for an extraordinary service. So, whether you are planning to apply for a role as a member of the crew, put your best application forward to get the best out of your next career step!


United States / Australia / Europe

If you do not find current openings that meet your career goals, please check back soon.