Wellness & the Fountain of YouthA New Signature Lecture Series with Dr. Noachim Marco

Join us onboard the July 10, 2020 sailing of Gems of Northern Italy for an exclusive chance to meet Dr. Noachim Marco, a physician and speaker with over 30 years of experience, and enjoy two Signature Lectures on wellness throughout the cruise.

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Two exclusive lectures

The Fountain of Youth – A History of Humanity’s Search for Wellness

As told by humanity's earliest written tales, there was a belief that those who lived to very old ages did so because they drank water that healed and prevented disease. Various societies and cultures throughout our early history continued to maintain that belief. As time progressed, the path of longevity shifted from the search of a magical fountain to what foods and behaviors increased the chances of living a long and meaningful life. After science and medicine dawned, societies shifted the responsibility for health to the trained experts. Yet, with all our knowledge, humanity has yet to lengthen our days from the start of recorded time.

Stopping the Clock – How to Add Life to Your Years and Years to Your Life

Wellness is defined as an active process through which people become aware of and make choices toward a more successful existence. The concept is not just a marketing ploy for one of the largest health plans in the United States, but a global movement. We will discuss how a person can thrive and benefit from taking control through making choices consistent with what current experts have shown to be beneficial. We will explore the specific eating habits, physical activities, and dietary supplements that help to maintain health and prevent disease. We will also show what does not work. A summary of the most current literature will be presented on what slows down the development of common diseases such as dementia.

Dr. Noachim Marco

About Dr. Noachim Marco

Noachim Marco, M.D. serves as the chief medical officer for the Los Angeles Jewish Home. He is also the executive director of the Brandman Research Institute and the medical director of LAJH Medical Associates. With over 30 years of experience as a physician, he is a prolific writer, and a sought-after speaker. Dr. Marco has presented numerous lectures and led workshops on a range of medical issues and topics that include elder care, clinician patient communication and physician training. He holds a Bachelor of Sciences Degree from UCLA, and his medical degree is from UC Davis.


Gems of Northern Italy

Gems of Northern Italy(2020)


SHIP: S.S. La Venezia

Encounter unforgettable sights on an odyssey that begins in Milan and ends in legendary Venice, the ethereal “Queen of the Adriatic.” These iconic cities bookend an exploration of Northern Italy that also features amazing experiences in Verona, Bologna and Ferrara.

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