Dr. Rachel Korazim hosts “Great Jewish-Hebrew Writers Along our Way.”

Uniworld is proud to announce that Dr. Rachel Korazim will join Uniworld guests on the July 20, 2018, sailing of our Jewish Heritage programme, Remarkable Rhine, as part of our Signature Lectures series.

Dr. Korazim is considered a master educator of educators. She has been training educators and enlightening her audiences around the world for three decades. She was born in Israel, and her Ph.D. is in Jewish Education. She will host several captivating lectures that will be a journey of discovery that illuminate the Jewish history of the areas we travel, its award winning Hebrew writers and the literature they published.

Her signature lecture, “Great Jewish-Hebrew Writers Along our Way,” recounts the history of three of the most famous Jewish-Hebrew writers of the early twentieth century and how their stories connect to our trip. Discover what influenced writers Agnon, Bialik, and Tchernihovski, to produce evocative works that made them leading voices of modern Jewish literature.

Currently, she lectures at well-respected learning centers such as Pardes and the Shalom Hartman Institutes in Israel. In the United States, she is a sought after scholar in residence, at numerous and diverse Jewish communities. Until 2008, she was the Academic Director of Distance Learning Programs at The Jewish Agency for Israel, Department of Education.

An avid scuba diver, Dr. Korazim, will inspire you as she dives deep into Jewish history and culture and how the words of the past relate to current events. The memories you make as we cruise along the Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel with this unique Jewish Heritage educational opportunity will last you a lifetime.

Remarkable Rhine

July 20, 2018 Amsterdam to Basel • 9 Days River Empress