Discover who the head office is head hunting.

The world’s only authentic boutique river cruise line relies on more than cruise staff to deliver an exceptional service and maintain it’s impeccable reputation. Our brand also relies heavily on land-based staff, including employees in the marketing, sales, reservations, operations and IT spaces.

However, if you think that the river cruising culture will be far away, you’ll have to think again. Like all of our staff, you will benefit from an inspiring working environment and a close-knit team who simply love what they do. What’s more, you’ll have access to exceptional leadership training programs and an employer, which is committed to advancing your potential.

To embark upon this enviable career opportunity, you will need to have an eye for detail and a desire to deliver excellence. You will also be expected to be self-motivated, eager to learn, genuinely respectful and committed to nurturing a brand that has carved a unique position for itself in the luxury cruise sector. If this sounds like you, now is a great time to set sail on your next career journey.


United States / Australia / Europe

If you do not find current openings that meet your career goals, please check back soon.