Success Story: Mihai Stanciu

It’s more than job…it’s a career!



From a Kitchen-helper to a Hotel Manager

Mihai started his Uniworld career as a kitchen helper, cleaning dishes and kitchen equipment. Within a few months he was recruited by our Training Manager and started training to become a receptionist. Later, he asked to be promoted to Purser and his request was granted the following sailing season. Two years later, Mihai attended Hotel Manager training and had an opportunity to shadow one of the Hotel Managers. 

Flexibility and teamwork

Thing don't always go according to plan onboard a ship. Mihai remembered one situation during the Christmas holidays when around 20 crew members fell sick with a virus. Flexibility and teamwork were essential, as without these qualities nothing could have been achieved. 

Respect and appreciation

When asked what he expects most from his employer, Mihai says it's very important to have an employer who listens to the crew's needs and supports them in difficult situations. For newcomers onboard, he offers this advice -- be patient and don't try to learn everything all at once.

The sky is no longer the limit!

"The sky is no longer the limit!" That's what Mihai thinks about his future career plans. At some point, he would like to return to life onshore and work as a Corporate Hotel Manager or a Training/Recruitment Manager.

Best of luck, Mihai! We have no doubt you will accomplish all that you set out to do!


United States / Australia / Europe

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