Make a career choice where wellness comes first.

As a member of our spa staff, you won’t only be prioritising the health of our guests, you will also be prioritising your own wellness. Thanks to the enviable work/life balance that we offer our employees, you will have the opportunity to travel to extraordinary places, enjoy leisure activities on board and live a life that many have only dreamed of.

Saying that, as many of our guests enjoy our cruises specifically for leisure and wellness reasons, we have high expectations of our spa team. Whether you are conducting yoga classes, delivering a massage or undertaking a personal training session, our discerning guests expect a high degree of personalisation, an open-minded attitude and a genuinely caring interaction from our team.

Despite the expectations, the experience of working with discerning guests will transform itself into an invaluable asset that will benefit you throughout your career. What’s more, not only will you be a key player in delivering a luxury service that is at the pinnacle of the industry, you will also have the benefit of working with a friendly team who will make your work life an inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable experience.


United States / Australia / Europe

If you do not find current openings that meet your career goals, please check back soon.